Strategic Mgt of Job Interviews

This Onion video illustrates some … um … interesting strategies one might apply in job interviews. While the strategies portrayed are entertaining, there is a key point hidden behind the humor: Analyzing a company’s strategy might help students ask questions … Continue reading

Coopetition: Shaping up your strategy

This exercise is a simplified version of the Global Alliance Game. That is, there are resource complementarities created among teams. However, this one emphasizes (to a greater extent) that the teams are in direct competition to complete the same tasks. As … Continue reading

MicroDesign Negotiation: Cross-business coordination

This exercise focuses on the problems with designing incentives and structures to promote the cooperation across divisions needed to achieve synergies. MicroDesign is a negotiation to transfer a technology between 2 divisions of a corporation in order to take advantage … Continue reading

Egg Drop Auction: Strategic factor mkts

The essence of this exercise is simple. Teams must build a device that will catch an egg dropped from 25 feet (e.g., a stairwell). The trick is that they must build it from items purchased in an auction. As such, … Continue reading

Industry Profitablity Analysis Opener

“In my opening graduate class I talk about my objective of getting students to think strategiclly. I put up a slide showing industry performance (any industry will work, although the simpler the better). Last semester I used a slide showing … Continue reading