Jay’s Coinflip: Innovation as luck

Jay Barney describes a coin flip exercise to make the point that innovation might be modeled as an outcome of pure luck.  If so, how can firms manage such processes? The exercise is simple: Distribute coins to the class and … Continue reading

Boycotting HBR? Some Alternatives…

You may have followed the debate about HBR’s policy prohibiting professors from linking suggested HBR readings to their own library’s paid subscriptions (see Joshua Gans’ blog posts on this and his Financial Times article on HBR and their journal list). … Continue reading

Egg Drop Auction: Strategic factor mkts

The essence of this exercise is simple. Teams must build a device that will catch an egg dropped from 25 feet (e.g., a stairwell). The trick is that they must build it from items purchased in an auction. As such, … Continue reading