CATME Teamwork System

Many strategy faculty use teams in their classes. The website has multiple tools to support the effective use of teams in higher education. Team-Maker is a tool for assigning students to teams based on instructor-specified criteria. Instructors can choose from a library of questions, such as students’ schedules or majors, or write their own questions. Team-Maker collects the information from students and allows the instructor to assign use that information to assign students to teams based on the criteria and weighting that they choose. CATME Peer Evaluation is a tool for self- and peer evaluations of students’ contributions to their teams that is based on research. The system automates the data collection and analysis and allows instructors to release feedback to students. There are many optional follow-up questions about team processes that are taken from published research. CATME Rater Calibration allows instructors to assign students to practice using the CATME behaviorally anchored rating scale by rating fictitious team members. CATME Meeting Support provides templates for team charters, meeting agendas and minutes. Teamwork training modules are in development. The website shows research and other information about these tools.

Contributed by Misty Loughry

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