BBQ & Foot Massage: Diversified Humor

There is no shortage of business combination humor to stimulate discussion of corporate diversification. Below are a couple of videos depicting some unlikely combinations (mild language). You can also find Delta Dental commercials posted here as another great example. Of course, truth can be stranger than fiction and you might want to check out the real examples listed under the business combination scavenger hunt exercise

BBQ and Foot Massage

Prepaid Legal Services and Daycare

Contributed by Russ Coff

1 thought on “BBQ & Foot Massage: Diversified Humor

  1. I have used the BBQ and Foot massage video to introduce the topic of diversification and stimulate discussion. Recently, I was informed that the clip plays to racial stereotypes and may not be in good taste. Just a heads up if you show this clip (or plan to show it). I have decided to not use this clip to specifically promote the discussion.

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