__BPS Teaching Toolkit

With the generous support of colleagues and the UW CIBER, I have compiled a portfolio of stand-alone (1) ice-breakers, (2) group break-out exercises and (3) teaching tools, (short in duration – 5 to 30 minutes) that are designed to open sessions, spark discussion and debate, polarize students around certain perspectives to illuminate their biases and strategic blindspots, identify gaps between strategy formulation and implementation, and to otherwise promote ongoing participation in strategy, international business, entrepreneurship, and other organizations courses – (domestic or international), undergraduate, MBA, or executive. A new section, labeled “Games & Simulations,” has been added as well to accommodate multi-session and longer experiential exercises.

Each section contains teaching tools that facilitate the delivery of cases and other course material (and could likely be adapted to many disciplines). Special thanks to those who have contributed to the list — since this list is “in progress” please keep those suggestions coming!! (send to mcarpenter@bus.wisc.edu)

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