Mini Cases

I developed a number (39!) of mini-cases to demonstrate a range of strategy topics.  I usually use the cases and their attached questions at the beginning of a lecture or part way through to break up the pace.  I find that they provide a strong, shared basis for talking about particular subjects in strategy, and can be used to promote debate and discussion.  These are found in the Test Bank accompanying the Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson Strategic Management textbook, Fifth Edition (2003).

Contributed by Mason CarpenterMason Carpenter

2 thoughts on “Mini Cases

    • Hi Ed.

      This is an older post (from Mason’s original site). I’m not sure if the mini cases are associated with the textbook any longer.

      However, many of the videos on this site would classify as mini cases (or could be used to supplement a short case). The Google/Motorola case is an example of a case that is ripped from the headlines. A couple of the news articles would be sufficient to stimulate a rich discussion.

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