Strategy BINGO exercise

The BINGO (actually called STRATEGY).  This consists of two documents that are attached.  First, I created 16 different playing cards by putting on words I expected to use in class.  Then, I created a list of additional words that I expected to use.  I instructed students to take one of the playing cards and then fill in the blanks with words from the list.  By partially completing the card, I saved class time.  By having students finish the card themselves, I ensured that each card would be different.

I only used this approach once, but should use it again.  The particular topic the day I used it was ‘competitive dynamics’.  I think the topic was a bit too hard for the students, but they seemed to like the game.  The two winners in each section received a $5 Subway gift certificate.

16 different playing cards

Additional Words: Resources, Learning, Differentiation, Risk, Hot Topic, People, Information, Payoff, Second Mover, Royalties, Average, Product, Training, Scale, Value Chain, Saturn, Winner, Technology, Subway, Barriers To Entry, Brand, Tomorrow, Generic Strategy, Trillion, Groups, Delay, Plant, Time,

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