Boycotting HBR? Some Alternatives…

You may have followed the debate about HBR’s policy prohibiting professors from linking suggested HBR readings to their own library’s paid subscriptions (see Joshua Gans’ blog posts on this and his Financial Times article on HBR and their journal list). I have increasingly used McKinsey Quarterly which makes their articles available for free (you need to register but that’s free). Here are some HBR alternatives that seem to work well (often by authors you know well):

Strategy process & org change

Internal Analysis and Competitive Advantage

Strategy under uncertainty (& dynamic capabilities):

Corporate: Diversification and M&A

Strategic Alliance Strategies

Evaluating Strategies/Best practices

Please send more suggestions and I will add them to this post.

Contributed by Russ Coff

2 thoughts on “Boycotting HBR? Some Alternatives…

  1. Thanks for starting this list Russ. Our library subscribes to HBR, but we are not allowed to link to it on BB or in our outlines. Instead we were told by Library Admin to tell students to buy it from HBR. As such, I too am looking for replacement articles and will review and make suggestions as I find one that work.
    I wonder if this will decrease the impact of HBR going forward. As of now, I see it as an A+ pub because of its readership and reach, but the reach is getting smaller.

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