Melissa’s Marvelous Movies: Back to school special

As many of us prepare to move our strategy courses online, we need video “shorts” that introduce core strategy principles to go along with key readings. By now, you may have already seen collections by David Kryscynski, Shad Morris, and others in the toolbox. Melissa Schilling has graciously made a new set of videos available that address core strategy principles not found in the other collections. Below is her video introducing agency problems but you might also like her introduction to network externalities.

The clip below is a lightning version of internal analysis (connecting value chain and VRIO analysis). This was my special request because I don’t like how most readings cover this critical topic.

This clip provides a very high level overview and may require some supporting materials. This one-page handout details the steps and this old AME article provides a longer reading on internal analysis on which this approach is based.

Contributed by Melissa Schilling

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