A Dilbertian Perspective on Organizations

In business, why do the stupid always rise to the top? And what’s an “action item?” These and other mysteries are explored in this animated series that chronicles the corporate life of an engineer named Dilbert and his talking dog, Dogbert. Just like Dilbert, you could waste days previewing these hilarious digs on business (I open my M&A class with the opening minutes from The Merger video).


Cadbury Adams Video

If you teach the Cadbury acquisition case (of Adams) this funny ad from the Canadian region can be a nice complement since they were trying to create revenue synergies across the two companies (including introducing new products). Note that the synergies are spelled out in surprising detail in the B case where Cadbury management identifies 70 distinct synergies along with the type of synergy (cost or revenue), their likelihood of being achieved, an estimate of the potential value, and what region would be involved.

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Contributed by Mason CarpenterMason Carpenter