Food for Thought: PhD seminar syllabi

SeminarFoodWhile the toolbox is focused mostly on teaching strategy at the MBA and BBA levels, there is also room to provide some resources for PhD programs as well. Below are some strategy PhD seminar syllabi that may be useful. Please send me your most recent syllabi and I will add them to this post. Some specialized strategy seminars are pulled out below (innovation and research methods).


Research Methods

Contributed by Russ Coff (and all the folks above!)

Paul Friga’s Video Library

Paul Friga is kind enough to maintain a library of videos for teaching various strategy topics. You can find it on his web page here (or click on he picture). Resources are arranged by topic so they are easy to find.

Case Libraries

2e1e41_ff04ac9674ba4be1848f097fee5bd061Here are some popular case repositories: