Rejection Therapy: For PhDs, entrepreneurs & other failures

What is the most significant thing that differentiates entrepreneurs from others? Somehow, in the face of overwhelming odds that they will fail, they still manage to push forward. Rejection, almost inevitable, doesn’t deter them. The rest of us kill inventive ideas before we even test them because we fear rejection. This NPR story explores a new form of therapy where rejection is turned into a game: how many times can you get rejected in a day? Could desensitizing people to failure create more entrepreneurs? This also has important implications for academics who typically face many rejections from journals for each manuscript that gets accepted. Without “rejection therapy,” they may avoid sending papers to journals because they are concerned that the work will be rejected. Like would be entrepreneurs, they kill ideas before they have had a chance to test the waters.

Contributed by Don Hatfield

Food for Thought: PhD seminar syllabi

SeminarFoodWhile the toolbox is focused mostly on teaching strategy at the MBA and BBA levels, there is also room to provide some resources for PhD programs as well. Below are some strategy PhD seminar syllabi that may be useful. Please send me your most recent syllabi and I will add them to this post. Some specialized strategy seminars are pulled out below (innovation and research methods).


Research Methods

Contributed by Russ Coff (and all the folks above!)